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St. Petersburg Ghost Tour departure point:

Sweet Divas Chocolates, 181 4th Ave NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701


Tampa Ghost Tour departure point:

The Franklin, 510 N. Franklin St. Tampa, FL 33602

St. Petersburg Ghost Tour

Frequently asked questions

Tampa Ghost Tour

What is the Ghost Tour?

The Ghost Tour is a 75-90 minute outdoor, haunted history walking tour. Combining history, folklore, and ghost stories, the haunting tales told on the tour are based on the books Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg, FL, and Ghost Stories of Tampa, FL.


Do we need reservations?

Yes. Call 727-894-4678 or 727-398-5200 to make reservations.


Is advanced ticket purchase required?

Yes. We recommend purchasing tickets by 6:00 pm to ensure your spot on the tour.


Where do I purchase tickets?

- Downtown St. Petersburg: online or by calling 727-894-4678.

- Tampa: online or by calling 727-398-5200.


Where does the tour begin?

- Downtown St. Petersburg: Sweet Divas Chocolates, 181 4th Ave NE St. Petersburg, FL 33701

- Tampa: The Franklin, 510 N. Franklin St., Tampa, FL 33602


What time should we get there?

Arrive 10 minutes before tour time.


What should we wear?

Wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable walking shoes.


What happens if it rains?

We make every attempt to conduct the tours; therefore, we do go in the rain. (So bring an umbrella!) If weather becomes severe, the tour may be cancelled. This decision is typically made at tour time. Cancelled tours may be rescheduled or refunded.


What is the average size of the tour?

Tour sizes are limited, and additional guides are called in as needed.


Is the route wheelchair accessible?



Are the stories true?

All of our stories are historically documented through interviews and research, and they weave together the history and haunted tales associated with the sites. They are based on the book, Ghost Stories of St. Petersburg, FL  and Ghost Stories of Tampa, FL.


Is the tour appropriate for children?

Yes, the tour is family appropriate, combining history, folklore, and ghost stories.


How many people do I need to get a group rate?

Call 727-894-4678 or email us for group tour information and rates.


How do I arrange a private tour?

Call 727-894-4678 or email us for private tour information.


Are we going to see a ghost?

There have been many reports of unusual sightings on the tour, so bring your camera! You never know what might appear!


What about reviews?

We receive feedback from customers through a variety of channels, such as by email, phone, and in person. Far less than 1% of our customers post comments online. Some comments are positive, some negative, but both have helped us to improve our tours over the past 17 years. We fully support the right of people to express their opinion regarding our tours, and we would like to express our opinion regarding some reviews of our Ghost Tours posted on sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp.


Frequently, we are asked, “Is it scary?” or “Will we see a ghost?” And we understand where you’re coming from. We love nothing better than to visit our local Halloween haunted house to have the bejeebers scared out of us, or perhaps to have a “close encounter” of our own like you see on ghost hunter TV shows.


But that is not what we do or what we are about. We tell ghost stories. We pride ourselves in being storytellers, the old-fashioned kind, where a live person spins a tale using their personality and the story itself as the special-effect, not props, or videos, or contrived encounters. Our stories are researched, steeped in history, and many are based on personal interviews. They may be disturbing, or amusing, or intriguing – but all of our stories are based on true experiences by real people.


Our storytellers typically commit two months to learn the stories, and they work constantly at the craft to enhance their performance. Each guide brings a special brand of theater and style to the tour. We encourage originality, so no two tours are ever the same.


Sharing ghost stories since 1995 has been extremely fun and fulfilling, and we will continue to present our type of “live entertainment” until death do us part…or perhaps even longer!


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